"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."

Paulo Coelho

My mission is to help ambitious people use introspection to find mental clarity, balance, and inner peace, so they can live their most authentic and fulfilling life.

Are You Looking To:

  • Create more clarity by overcoming inner chatter and tapping into inner wisdom?
  • Find more balance between personal passion and daily responsibility?
  • Become a more present and energized version of yourself so that your best self shines through?

In coaching we DIG DEEP to uncover INNER TRUTHS

Too often we mold ourselves to fit external influences, disconnecting from our own inner voice. My clients consistently share with me that my coaching style helps them feel safe to open up, be honest, find clarity, and develop new insights in order to live more authentically and with greater fulfillment.

"Tian provides a safe environment where you are able to feel safe and present your authentic self. She listens intently and asks questions to help evaluate things outside of the box that you normally operate." K. Parker

What would a world look like if we could peel back all those layers of expectation and judgement and instead find our inner truth, our authenticity, and support ourselves and others on that same journey with deep compassion?

Coaching Services

Lit sign that reads "you got this" next to open laptop

1:1 Coaching Services

  • Dedicated one on one coaching sessions to get really clear on your goals.
  • Custom-designed action steps and strategies to help you reach your goals.
  • Mindfulness tools and resources to support your journey.
  • Safety and confidentiality in order to be open and honest.
  • Skills and tools that will support you long after our formal coaching relationship ends.

Group Coaching Services

  • Explore individual goals within a themed-focused setting.
  • Build community with others on a similar growth mission.
  • Mindfulness tools and resources to support your journey.
  • Safety and confidentiality in order to be open and honest.
  • Skills and tools that will support you long after our formal coaching relationship ends.

More About Life Coaching

What Is Life Coaching?

A Partnership: A coaching relationship is a partnership in which the coach and the client enter into a mutual relationship to progress toward the client’s goals.

A Safe Space: This will be your chance to get really honest, to go deep into what motivates you. To identify what changes you want to make.

Goal-Oriented: Each session you will identify action steps that progress toward your goal. While exploration and discovery will happen during the sessions, the time between sessions will also lend itself to deeper insights and action toward your identified goal. 

Transformational: Over time you will develop greater clarity and build new habits and approaches to navigating life’s obstacles and opportunities.

My Coaching Approach.

Compassionate: Most importantly, I will hold safe space for you to explore. There is no judgement in coaching, only curiosity and exploration. What do you want, and why does this matter? What is holding you back?

Skillful: I use a combination of mindfulness practice, principles of positive psychology and well-established coaching frameworks to guide our discussion. 

Present: That said, I’ve learned that the most important tools I can bring into our sessions are presence, empathy, and genuine curiosity. 

Personalized: Self-discovery is a very powerful and personal process, and I take an individualized approach with each of my clients. I hold safe space for you to do the work.

Client Results.

Each client  is different, but many clients that I work with bring similar challenges and experience similar positive outcomes. 

  • Clients find a deeper connection to their own inner wisdom.
  • They learn how to better recognize the guidance that is coming from within, vs. the pressures of their external environment.
  • They learn to recognize unproductive internal chatter and navigate fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs more skillfully.
  • Clients develop a greater sense of presence, helping them feel more connected to their loved ones.
  • They develop problem solving approaches that can be applied to all other parts of their life – home & work. 

"I have had a few coaching sessions with Tian and each one has been amazing! Her patience and ability to hold space allows me to think about my answers and lets me focus on my next steps to achieve my goals! We always end our sessions on a positive note which builds confidence and motivation to keep pushing me forward!" Chris Josue